June 30, 2016

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Citizen Pruner St. Paul

Click here if you are already a Minnesota Citizen Pruner for St. Paul.

Click here to apply to be a Minnesota Citizen Pruner in St. Paul.

The city of St. Paul is partnering with the University of Minnesota Forest Resources Department on a pilot program that aids in increasing local capacity by working together and engaging citizens in community forestry. We do this through educating volunteers in the community.  

Citizen Pruner’s are trained in tree identification, biology, and pruning techniques. Tree pruning requires not only an understanding of how to prune but also an understanding of the trees biology to make sure you prevent the spread of certain diseases. If you enjoy being outdoors, love trees and your community this is an opportunity you need to check out.

A training session has been scheduled for May 16th from 8a.m.-4p.m. The cost to attend the training is $25. Course material will be taught by University of Minnesota Forest Resources Department staff alongside the City of St. Paul.

Citizen Pruners are responsible for submitting 10 volunteer hours a year.

For more information about volunteering please contact Valerie at citizenpruner@mntca.org or Dan Anderson from the City of St. Paul at daniel.anderson@ci.stpaul.mn.us.


Training sessions are also available as a distance learning opportunity where you learn to prune from home, then get one on one hands on experience.  Distance learning is a convenient way for you to get involved, and includes full support from University of Minnesota staff.  To register for the distance learning opportunity click at the top and apply to be a Minnesota Citizen Pruner in St. Paul.